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Whether you're seeking a peaceful retreat, a family adventure, or a day of watersports, the beaches of La Londe-les-Maures offer diverse experiences. Join us on these beautiful shores, where the golden sands, azure waters, and warm hospitality create the perfect setting for your next beach holiday.

La Londe-les-Maures is a haven for beach lovers and a testament to sustainable tourism. The commitment to preserving the natural beauty of these beaches means you'll be stepping into unspoiled landscapes that have been cherished and protected over the years.

After a day in the sun, indulge in the local flavours at nearby restaurants and bistros. Savour the fresh seafood, sample the locally produced wines and immerse yourself in this enchanting region's relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

Below is a guide and a description of the Beaches in the La-Londe-les-Maures area


Plage de Cabasson: A Tranquil Retreat on the French Riviera

Plage de Cabasson is renowned for its stunning scenery and peaceful atmosphere. The beach boasts soft, fine sand that is a pleasure to walk on, and the Mediterranean Sea here is known for its calm, crystal-clear waters, making it ideal for swimming and paddling. A lush greeny backdrop frames the beach and offers breathtaking views of the Îles d'Or, providing a perfect setting for a day of relaxation and sunbathing.

Plage de Cabasson is an excellent choice for families. The gentle slope of the beach into the sea provides a safe environment for children to swim and play. Additionally, the beach has essential amenities, including restrooms and nearby parking, ensuring a comfortable and hassle-free visit for everyone.

Driving Directions from Valcros to Plage de Cabasson:

  • Distance: Approximately 15-20 km, depending on the route.

  • Estimated Driving Time: Around 25-30 minutes.


Plage de l'Argentière: A Serene Escape

Discover the serene beauty of Plage de l'Argentière, a haven of golden sands and azure waters bordered by a whispering pine forest. Ideal for families and nature enthusiasts, this beach offers a perfect blend of relaxation and natural splendour. The calm waters make it a safe spot for swimming, while the shaded areas provide a cool respite from the Mediterranean sun.

Driving Directions from Valcros to Plage de l'Argentière:

  • Distance: Approximately 8 km.

  • Driving Time: Around 15 minutes.


Plage du Pellegrin: A Secluded Jewel

Escape to Plage du Pellegrin, a hidden gem that offers a sense of seclusion and intimacy. This unspoiled beach is accessible via a picturesque path through vineyards and natural landscapes, adding to its charm. The pebbled shore and crystal waters are a haven for those seeking tranquility and an opportunity to connect with nature. It's an ideal spot for a peaceful picnic, a quiet read, or a meditative stroll along the water's edge. 

Driving Directions from Valcros to Plage du Pellegrin:

  • Distance: Approximately 12 km.

  • Driving Time: Around 20 minutes.


Plage de Tamaris: A Watersport Enthusiast's Paradise

For the more adventurous, Plage de Tamaris is a must-visit. This vibrant beach is a hotspot for water sports enthusiasts. Whether you're looking to windsurf across the gentle waves, explore the underwater wonders through snorkelling, or enjoy a thrilling jet ski ride, Tamaris has it all. The beach's clear waters and consistent winds create the perfect conditions for an exhilarating day at sea.

Driving Directions from Valcros to Plage de Tamaris:

  • Distance: About 9 km.

  • Driving Time: Roughly 17 minutes.


Plage de Miramar: A Family-Friendly Retreat

Plage de Miramar is the quintessential family beach. With its gentle slopes, shallow waters, and lifeguard presence during the summer months, it's a safe and delightful spot for children to play and swim. The beach is also equipped with amenities, including showers, restrooms, and nearby cafes, ensuring a comfortable and convenient beach experience for all.

Driving Directions from Valcros to Plage de Miramar:

  • Distance: Roughly 7 km.

  • Driving Time: About 14 minutes.

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